Spa Day

So today they were introducing me to people around town. They know everyone. Of course as I mentioned, they like to talk so every where we go they stop and talk to people. It is nice to see people being so friendly. Reminds me of small town Kansas where I grew up.

This morning I went out to pet the horses before breakfast. Dale has a small one named Henryetta she is 6 months old. She loved smelling my hair and nipped at it this morning taking a bite at my shoulder. Sweet baby horse that will follow you around. These horses are so pretty and so big.

So today after work the guys took me to the spa. We all got a mani and a pedi. I didn’t think many of my readers would believe that grown cajun guys got their nails done so I took pictures. Dale had his painted camo which I didn’t think I could get anyone to believe me. This wont be out last visit to the spa since they go once a month.

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