So, You Want to Save Money on Your Cell Phone?

One of the things I discovered through my travels that applies to the general public is saving money on cell phones and those monthly cell phone plans.

Just like high school relationships, cell phones and their plans are “complicated” and for good reason. Not anymore. At least not if you read on. Phone companies make it difficult to tell a good plan from a bad one.

So here is what I assume (if you are like me)

  1. You want a decent phone. Doesn’t mean the newest necessarily but a model or two in the past is acceptable.
  2. Data is the most important

However, if you are like me (in the past) you are currently in a 2 year contract with the new phone. By the end of the 2 year contract you have paid $2200 (assuming you are paying around $90 TOTAL a month). But hey, at least you have an outdated phone you can sell. Right? What if I told you that you could pay $1220 for the same 24 month period?

While I was back in the US this summer. I went to AT&T and wanted a prepaid plan since I was only going to be there for 2 months. Guess what? I signed up for the highest prepaid plan they had which was $55 and I didn’t even come close to using all of my data but I also connect to wifi when possible. The activation fee was $10 and only a one time fee. So after the first month I stepped down to the mid plan and changing didn’t cost me a dime. In fact I SAVED money. I had all of the same cell service as any contracted customer and unlimited text and talk.

Best Part: You never have to worry about “surprise” charges again.

Just to give you an idea when using AT&T:

24 months x $40 =$960 (3GB of data)

24 months x $55=$1320 (6GB of data)

What about family plans, you ask?

Don’t worry. There are plans for that as well. In my quick search you can find a family plan for 4 for around $100 a month.


Right. So I did a quick search on Amazon. You can get an unlocked Samsung S6 (one version old) for $250. Sure you have to pay for it now but why don’t we do the math.

$250 cell phone + $960 for 2 years + $10 activation = $1220

This is all very fast with very little research done. I do know that Cricket, a less known cell phone provider is owned by AT&T and therefore uses the same network. Hence my quote for the family plan. So for $45 monthly you can get 5GB of data. Ultimately, do your research but this should get you started……

Moral of the Story: Get OUT of your high school relationship. Buy your phone upfront, pay less month to month and you too can easily SAVE $500 a year and afford that flight to Italy to come visit!




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