Sleeping in a Car

I can cross sleeping in my car of the list for adventures. I set off from Louisiana with going to see fall colors in mind. I left about 4pm and stopped after about 7 hours in Alabama at a rest stop. Of course they don’t have showers at a rest stop so I did the best I could to clean up with a sink. Got up at 5am and hit the road.

I loved this saying!

This was on some random road and it looked like it was from a magazine so I had to stop and explore.

My first major stop was Little River Canyon near Fort Payne Alabama. This is a beautiful little treasure as you can see.

Anyone that knows me knows my love for ice cream. What a perfect place! Too bad it wasn’t open when I went by. I took pictures because I saw myself sitting on the swing enjoying one of my favorite treats taking in my surroundings and what a CUTE place.

Well it wasn’t just the site that made it amazing. I met a girl name Jillian. She was sitting on a rock taking it in. She said it is where she goes to talk to God and to find peace. I got to talking to her and she shared with me an amazing story. Her husband died 3 years ago just before Christmas in a car crash. She also lost a child to malaria. Even though she wasn’t from there, after she lost her husband she decided to stay. She feels like everyone feels bad for her and she doesn’t want that. As she said “that’s life”. Truly amazing.

I haven’t been through anything like that but listening to her it reminds me everyone has a story of struggle. That struggle may shake who you are and you may think you can’t do it but you can when doing it is your only choice. The amount of personal growth Jillian has endured is just amazing.  One thing she discovered is her singing voice. She is blessed knowing that every experience you go through in life is for your own good. After leaving her, all I could do was smile through my tears. Life is amazing.

Meet Jillian:

I drove through the Smoky Mountains for a bit. I was trying to make it to my next destination before dark so I didn’t take many pics but here are the ones I did take:

When I was filling up with gas, a guy came out and told me that I had his bike. I told him that I didn’t. He kept at it for awhile and ended up saying his bike had orange tires and asked if I wanted tickets. It was weird.

I also gave a girl a ride. I say girl but she was 50’s. Her boyfriend had beat her and she had 2 black eyes. He left her and she was trying to make a better life for herself but she didn’t have much. I could tell she was into drugs. I gave her the $3 cash I had in my pocket and wished her luck. I know from the way she talked she was going back to him. It is a cycle and people have to want better for themselves to change. I wish nothing but the best for her and hope that she finds her happiness.

My destination was Piney Flats, Tennessee where my cousins live on a lake. I have only met them once so it is nice to get time to get to know them. When I showed up it was like family I had known my  whole life. They welcomed us (me, dog and cat), introduced me to everyone and had food waiting (chili and cake/ice cream). I got to try apple pie moonshine and what a treat it was. What a warm welcome to Tennessee. I am in love already….

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