I’ve been skydiving. It was a rush. So I wonder what is it that encourages people to do things such as skydiving? I know there was a risk involved yet the part of me that wanted to do it outweighed my fear. So the key to it was to stop thinking about the fears and focus on what I wanted to do. I had to deal with the task in front of me.

At about 2:27 of my video, you see that the guy I was jumping with had to remove my grip from the plane. I was scared. Being scared is ok, it makes us human. The fear doesn’t have to control you if you focus on the steps and live in the moment. We are who we are. Some people are impulsive while others take calculated risks.

I haven’t always been true to myself in life because I’ve been scared. I realize that the fear can’t define me. My life is now defined in the fact I am willing to make mistakes. A life without mistakes, isn’t worth living. Sometimes it is good to follow your instincts and let yourself get caught up in the moment. Sometimes, consequences are worth it. Only you can judge that for your life.

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