I got up at 10am because I was out so late the night before walking around. I left my couch surfing stay to look for a place to exchange currency. They sent me in the direction of little India. It really felt like what I would think India would be like. The people, the chaos, the smells, the looks, everything.

I decided that I needed to get out of Singapore because it would break my budget fast and I was already over from day one. In order to do so, I needed to see the sites and get a bus.

Fortunately Singapore is so easy to get around. The train system is really easy and inexpensive. A train ride was like $2 between sites. Plus I did lots of walking. It was a bit of a shock to my body because I was walking a lot in a new climate with some weight on my back. Total I think I am carrying about 15-20lbs extra. That includes my camera which I think is the heaviest item. I only brought one lens knowing I would be limited but also knowing I didn’t want the extra weight.

I basically toured the downtown and the sites that were free. Again because of my budget, I knew I couldn’t do a whole lot. I did like the vibe of Singapore. Very modern and western feel.

Once I made it to the trainstantion in Woodlands stop the guy working suggestions a national park. He said that was were all the people like me went. I guess I stand out as a tourist??? Who knew? I booked the sleeper train and off I went. It was just me in the car I was in which made the start of my journey to Malaysia feel  very lonely.

Food $13

Transportation ($6 for city train, $38 for sleeper train) $44

Total $55

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