Simple Truth

So usually I love making my blog posts and today is one of those days that I am not so into it. Maybe it is because I didn’t do much yesterday. Maybe it is because my allergies are bothering me today. Maybe it is because I am not in a writing mode. Who knows?

The guys went out hunting yesterday and Annie and I spent some time in the kitchen. Isn’t that what men and women do? HA!

Annie got some oysters and cleaned and cooked them.

I made a Carrot Cake

and we drank Peach Bellinis

Meanwhile the guys were out deer hunting and brought back 4 deer

Since this is a simple post, I want to add some things that I think are:

The Simple Truth

  • Growth starts at the end of your comfort zone.
  • Every problem you have right now is your responsibility.
  • The harder you work, the more luck you find.
  • Everyone you know is better than you at something.
  • You don’t have to settle.
  • If you can, doesn’t mean you should.
  • It isn’t free if it takes up time.
  • Yelling always makes things worse.
  • Family doesn’t mean blood.
  • Life is too short.
  • Bad things do happen to good people.
  • People speak from the┬áboundaries of their own limitations.
  • No matter how smart a person is, they will make mistakes.


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