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I haven’t visited my blog in some time that I wasn’t even sure if it was still live. I’ve been busy with my new company. You see, we launch on Monday. For those of you that don’t know what I am talking about let me take 2 mins to explain. I got hired with a photo equipment company that is launching a new line of studio products for the “entry” level photographer trying to get their feet wet. Some of those people include stay at home moms taking pictures of their kids, bloggers that want to show DIY videos, etsy stores needing new product photos and so on…. I was the first employee hired and I have been involved with many aspects of the company because of the infancy stage it is in. This is exciting and scary at the same time.

I say all of this because I am at a convention right now for affiliate marketing (which I know nothing about but I am learning). How inconvenient this conference is because it is right before we launch. I am here though trying to grow and learn YET whenever I get a minute I run away to a corner get on my computer and do something that I need to get done for the launch on Monday.

Being at this conference, I am around bloggers and publishers  and it reminded me of how  I have neglected my own blog. I have temporarily given up writing to focus on other things.

So, I just want to be honest and make a point. I hate excuses. Not having time is an excuse because the truth is that I have the same time in a day that I had when I was writing daily. When I hear people say “I don’t have time” I think to myself, LIAR. What people mean is that they are choosing not to spend their time doing a particular activity. That is a BIG difference. IT is called priorities.

My life has changed since I started this blog. My priorities have shifted. I keep thinking “ohh I should blog about this” or “I bet my readers would like to hear about that” etc… yet I fail miserably at following through with my intent of actually writing.

So today I got to listen to Daymond John (think Shark Tank and FUBU). He told his story about how he got to where he is today. How he failed many times and got rejected and faced many disappointments yet he became successful. I will explain his theory but here is a 20 min video:

He explained his “Shark” Theory which is:


S- Set your goal

H-Homework (Do Research)

A-Amor (Latin for Love, Love what you do)

R- Remember (YOU are your brand)

At the very end he ended it with the last letter. K. About that time the song Sail by Awolnation came on. This song has significant meaning to me because Sean played it for me constantly and I didn’t understand it till after his suicide and I had a horrible dream and the song played over and over. I woke up and text my sister explaining the song and asking her if she knew what it was. I pulled up the lyrics and when I read them I couldn’t believe it and I can’t shake every time I hear that song.

“Maybe I should cry for help
Maybe I should kill myself (myself)
Blame it on my A.D.D. baby”

So, as I sat there listening, waiting for the K, I could feel myself choking up thinking how much my own life has changed and how far I had come. How hard things have been for me in life and yet somehow I rise above it.I have that “Entrepreneur”  mindset and ever since I was a child I have always felt like a leader more than a follower.

Right now in my life so many things are going right. I have a job that I have devoted a ton of my time to recently in hopes that it is successful. I live in a beautiful part of the world with some of the best weather. I have my health. My pets. Most importantly I have amazing people in my life that stand behind me. The last thing that Daymond said was

K- Keep Swimming

Of course with the song playing and all the thoughts racing through my head my eyes watered. I turned to the guy next to me that I had been talking to before the presentation, exchanged cards and ran out to get on a call with Megan who works at my office. As I sat down and waited for my laptop to boot up I said to myself no more putting it off, I have to share my thoughts on my blog. Writing THIS became a priority and I found time even with my busy schedule.

Below is a photo I took last night when I stepped away from networking for a few minutes to enjoy the sunset and my surroundings. I wanted to share this on here because maybe some of you are going through hard times. I am here to say things get better.

So this pic is to remind all of us when things get hard -KEEP SWIMMING.


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