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On Saturday I went to Yolanda’s family Christmas at her sister’s house. I meant to do these pictures before today but everything happens for a reason right?

So here I am, getting ready to leave Virginia today to hit the road for the holidays to go visit my friends and family.

As I think about what to post for these pictures, I can’t help but to think how amazing the 3 weeks has been. I have had time to look in at my emotions and to take a break from the travels and try to sort though some things emotionally.

Last night Yolanda and I were talking. She asked me can I imagine where I will be when I am 40. I can’t. In thinking about it I told her I don’t know that I believe in the core of the American culture. I want to explore because I am limited by what I know. I feel that growing up in the US we place a ton of emphasis on self sufficiency. We encourage individuals to do things on the own. Accomplishing things alone is a sign of strength here in our culture.

Of course right now I am fully dependent on others. I am not an island and I know that we are all connected. It is a natural reaction for me to want to go through this pain on my own but I have seen the results of others trying that and it doesn’t work. We are human and we need to feel connected. I have had my share of pain but here I am sharing this pain with others which has connected me to many people in the process.

I am thankful that I came to that because it lead me here. To Gloucester Virginia and in getting to share with the lives and love of an amazing family. So as I reflect on this and again set off on the road I am reminded of so much to be thankful for. Life takes us in directions that are unseen at the time but so amazing in the process.

Appreciation grows deeper in sharing and I have been blessed to have families open their lives to me and share with me. These pictures from Saturday remind me of the value of sharing. I have opened my heart to the family being a part of the every day life. I got to learn so much from them and share in moments together. Moments I will treasure forever. They opened their hearts and home to me and treated me with an overwhelming amount of love and support. It has brought me healing to listen with my heart and speaking to them with love.

It is fate that controls who comes into your life but it is your job to keep them there. Yolanda and George have been so amazing. One of my favorite things is sitting around pondering life and just deep conversations. I have never felt so connected to a family in sharing thoughts and felt so similar. Many have said how I look like I am one of their kids and since being here I have felt like it. I feel sad that I am about the road, but I am glad for those feelings because it shows the meaning of my time here. I know that our paths crossed for a reason and I hope that it leads me back to them very soon.

Here is the family’s Christmas get together:


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