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I wrote yesterday about stopovers and hotel points and that was a hit, so today I wanted to share how I save money on rental cars.

Matt and I are headed to South Africa in May. So last night I was searching for a SUV to rent for the month (29 days). When I was doing my search, like I always do, I played with the dates. Did you know a 32 day rental can be cheaper than a 29 day rental by almost $400????

Proof is seen below. All I did was change the date to PAST when we need the car and the rate dropped significantly. Avis doesn’t care if we drop the car back early. So the key here is to make sure your pickup date/time is correct and always play around with the drop off date/time. Even changing it by a few hours has saved me money in the past.

avis1 avis2

Another tip that I use often for the USA is checking out Costco Travel. About 50% of the time, their rates are the lowest I can find anywhere else.

Example is seen below for my rental car when I come back for school residency (Doctoral Program) in November.

Costco: $88 $142

Savings = $54 which is the cost of a Costco membership!

Also, Costco travel gives you a FREE second driver which can be a HUGE savings if 2 people are needing to drive the car over a weeks time.

costco rentalcars

My last tip is to make sure you search the web for discount codes. For example, if you are a AAA member, they have codes for many of the car rental places. I always start off using the main sites to see what my starting point should be for a rental car. The example above is I know I don’t want to spend more than $88. Just do a quick google search for codes and you will find them.

So I head to Avis directly, type in a discount code and BOOM $77, baby! Score!!!!!!!


With a little bit of time and effort, you can see that you can save some big money when renting a car.

Anyone else have any tips for saving when renting a car???

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