Sand Dunes Tottori

We got to Tottori where the sand dunes were and set up the tent and ran off to grab a few beers and watch the sun set. We took a walk out on the sand as the sun was setting. We didn’t get a prime spot but we didn’t have much time to scope it out.

Once back at the camp, we started cooking dinner. A girl came over and brought us Japanese food. We invited them over and we exchanged food and sat around trying to talk but mostly dancing and laughing. The girl was pretty drunk and having a great time. Her whole goal was to make us laugh so she spent the rest of the night clowning, making faces, and dancing. Matt’s dad even got in on a bit of action. We also met a girl from France who was biking Japan. She had already been doing it for close to 2 months. She was traveling ALL over Japan on a bike. It was certainly inspiring and awesome to get to chat with her for awhile.

It rained on us again so we got up pretty early and headed to the sand dunes. We got a little break when the rain let up so I got a few photos of the sand untouched by humans. We decided we would try again later hoping the rain would let up but we never did get that chance.

We went to our first onsen which is a public bath area and they are everywhere in Japan. They are super popular. Some are inside, some outside, some natural spring water etc… I didn’t mind it and was glad to finally get another chance for a shower because it had been a few days. Matt didn’t like the whole process. The guys and girls are separate and you go into a room and sit on a bucket to rinse off. Once you rinse, you get in the bathing area of hot water. Then when ready you get out and shower. The Japanese ladies that were in the room scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. I didn’t think they would ever quit.

After the onsen we headed to the sand museum. We were blown away. I went a little over board with photos as you will see below but I was absolutely blown away at the details and the fact that this art is all carved into sand. It was the history of Russia so the fact it was art and history was even better. I can tell you that the pictures do not do this place justice.

After we headed to the fish market where we had the freshest sushi we’ve ever had. Literally when you order they go out into the market, get your fish, and come back and make it for you. We even had octopus and squid. After we stopped for ice cream. Japan ice cream is not like the ice cream in the states. It is healthy tasting (kinda like skim or soy milk). I LOVE ice cream so I am freaking out a little that Japanese don’t know the good stuff.

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