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I started writing this post awhile ago (a month ago) but I wanted to make sure it made the points I wanted to make. I didn’t feel like I could do this topic justice. I want to try so here goes.

Yesterday we had July 4th which was a day about independence and freedom. I thought today was a good day to finish up my post this about a new freedom for some which is about “Same Love”.

Let me explain…

I grew up in Kansas where I learned a conservative way of thinking. I didn’t have exposure to much diversity. I was limited by what I knew about the world based upon what those around me wanted to teach me and they were limited by what they knew.

I moved to Dallas in 2005 and it opened my world. My mind. My heart. You see I was exposed to a new way of thinking and much more diversity. It was hard on me because as you can imagine, growth is painful. It pushed me out of my comfort zone beyond the walls that I had been protected by.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with the way I was raised because if there is anything that small town Kansas can teach you that is a sense of community. I have never seen a place where people care so much about their neighbors and what is going on within an area as I did back in Kansas. Tight knit culture and lifestyle. If something is wrong, not only do you have your family backing you up, you have a whole community of people standing behind you. If you are late coming home one night because you aren’t where you told your parents you would be, you better believe they will find out or they already know.

My point is, there is something to be said for the simple way of living but it is a closed world and I found out fast that the world is bigger than I could have ever imagined and that no matter where I go one thing I am surrounded with is love.

One thing I know for sure, love will find you and even when you think you aren’t capable of love or that you could never love, it finds a way into your life.

We don’t always get to pick who we fall in love with. Sometimes people come into our lives for a reason that we don’t know but they teach us something. They teach us to be a better person. Other times we pick people we want to love because we make that choice. However it happens it is love. Love is something to be cherished, something to be embraced and something that EVERY person experiences. Same love.

A few years ago I was hired to shoot a wedding and while I was there I met a couple Corrie and Amy. Little did I know that my heart was in store for something big. Over the next few years we grew close. I would go to gay pride parades with them and I stood behind them. Among their friends I even got the label as “false advertisement” because I was straight but I tried to be involved with supporting their lives. They supported me both personally and professionally at the same time. They made a cake for my open house, would leave me love notes at my studio, and we even vacationed in Mexico for a short time. When I found out they were moving Reno, I was sad. I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I would see them but I still didn’t want them to go but I was happy for their new adventure.

It wasn’t long ago that they announced their union. I was incredibly happy for them. Not only happy but proud. They have taught me that if you are brave enough to be true to yourself, then you have fought the most terrifying battle. In a world where so many people criticize you for who you are or are not it is important to remember you can’t please everyone no matter how much you want to so the best thing you can do is stay true to you.

Meet Corrie and Amy:

Same Love


same love2

I am hoping that whether you support or do not support same sex marriage you will take a few minutes to open your heart and your mind to love. Open yourself to loving those that don’t look at life the same way you do. Opening your heart to others knowing that they too love someone and they deserve the same rights as you do in their love. Opening your mind to progress knowing that it is the only way we will move closer to freedom.

By progress I mean that traditionally society has defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman. That is the main argument against same sex marriage based on religious beliefs. Tradition at one point included slavery and unequal rights for women. The way I see it, expanding human rights has always shattered tradition and we have always been better off for it.

Another argument I’ve heard is same sex marriage doesn’t allow for procreation. Without getting into all the reasons why this argument shouldn’t exists, I want to point out one that trumps them all. On marriage in general there no fertility requirements. Think of marriages where one or both of the partners are infertile, or elderly couples who wed past the age of fertility. Our society supports such marriages and considers them equal. Same Love.

From a personal standpoint teaching others about treating people fairly and love others as we love ourselves makes it hard to explain to children why 2 people who love each other can’t get married. I think it is only right that 2 people that love each other be able to be publicly recognized for their love and have the same benefits in society.


I know that we all want to be extraordinary and we all want to fit in. Well I am telling you now that you can’t be extraordinary and fit in. It just isn’t possible.

I want to talk about someone extraordinary. Rachel. Last year Rachel moved in with me after Sean had moved out. Within 5 days of her moving in, Sean committed suicide and Rachel was there for me through it all. A girl who was practically a stranger became my biggest support that night because she was the one who was there. After that she encouraged me regularly. Shortly after that Rachel met Dixie and their love blossomed. Seeing their relationship blossom, I only hope that in the eyes of society their love is seen as equal to the love that I know them to have. Same Love.

same love1

It is hard to remain optimistic in a world that seems to thrive on being negative. If you read Facebook statuses these days it seems that many use it for a therapy session to dwell in a negative mindset. I want to be otherwise. I am a little crazy (or maybe a lot to most people) but I think our world craves more love. I am here to be a spark that passes it on. I believe that a smile goes a long way and love goes even further so I am here to do what I believe is the right thing to do and stand up for what I believe.

I believe in SAME LOVE for all!

Obviously you are still reading this it hopefully said something to you. If nothing else I hope that someday we will look back and same sex marriage won’t even be questioned. This video says it all.

We press play…Don’t press pause
Progress, march on!


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