Right Where I Belong

Yesterday I left Kansas and set out on the road. Before I left, I hugged my parents and told them I loved them. As I went to get in my car, my mom stopped me and said ” Hey… Are you excited?” I stopped, walked a few steps back to where I could see her, with a huge smile and said “Very”. I got in my car and waved bye.

What I didn’t tell my mom is that I was excited but I was also scared. I think it is to be expected but I have always been one to  act tougher than I really am. I know that my mom in general is not keen on the idea of my randomly going out on the road so I didn’t want to scare her more by sharing my fears. Of course, I think she already knew without me saying anything. A little fear isn’t going to stop me from doing what I want. Someday that mentality may bite me but at least I am living life my way and happy.

I am doing a ‘layover’ in Dallas on my way to Louisiana to see a few friends on my way through. So  last night we went to a cheesecake and wine bar because I had a Groupon that I didn’t use before I left. We got put in the couch area and the food was amazing, the company was even better. Seemed so perfect.

After, we went back to my friend Brad’s and sat around outside in great weather and talked forever. It was so great. In those moments, I couldn’t feel more content. I was explaining how I am living my life exactly how I want. I am sure I will have my moments where I question my decision and what I am doing but for now, it feels so right. It brought me to think about a song called the Good Life. I looked at Brad and told him “I’m right where I belong”  The first part of the lyrics couldn’t be more perfect so I wanted to share:

Cup of coffee and a clearer head
Jelly over warm cornbread
Feeling ready for whatever the day’s gonna bring

Old boots, socks are new
Neighbors waving, sky is blue
I may be almost broke but this feeling is free

No doubt I’m right where I belong
No part of this road feels wrong
It looks like the good life’s coming on strong


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