Relationships Are Like Shoes

So something I have always said and Amber and I talk a lot about is how relationships in life are just like shoes. You will never have that one perfect shoe that you wear to everything. Of course you have the one favorite pair of shoes that if you could, you would wear it all the time but unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Relationships are the same way. You have the one person that you depend on more than anyone else, but you must keep others in your life for other occasions.


To be honest, to want to make one person your everything (the perfect shoe) is so unfair. Why? Because you will wear out their soul. Believe me. That is a lot of¬†responsibility¬†and wear on one person. Do them a favor and spread the burden. It is not wrong to feel so strong about one person and be madly in love. BUT…You must have a balance though or you will wear them out.

How can someone be your everything when you yourself can’t be your everything? Think about it.

I’ve learned the hard way that at any moment things can change. People that you think will be in your life forever can go away in an instant. Thankfully at the time I had maintained many close relationships so when I needed them, they were there.

I wish I could send this to a dear friend of mine that I no longer have contact with because he has chosen to push me out of his life due to his relationship. I miss him dearly. We’ve all done this to some extent but you have to learn that it isn’t healthy for anyone. I want him to know more than anything, that I am still here.

I saw this video and it made me tear up. I am so sensitive these days it is insane. I think the combination of artists, lyrics, and just their expressions… man… LOVE LOVE.


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