So Matt and I went to the Spectrum which is this shopping area just across from our apartments. It is an outdoor mall type of a place with a TON of shops and cool restaurants. It also has a Ferris Wheel which is really cool.

irvine spectrum


We have been eyeing a pizza place called Pieology so Friday night we went. Think of a Chipotle but for Pizza. We had to wait in line for 30 mins because the place is so popular. It is fast food for pizza and the cost is like $8 a pizza for unlimited toppings. The whole experience rocked. We took the pizzas back to the apartment and got Roxy and a few beers and headed to the park to eat. The $8 pizza lasted us 2 meals so it is a great deal. I have a feeling we will be doing a lot more Pieology. Check out the menu




The next morning we got up and went and walked the Spectrum. Matt got coffee and of course I got a German Chocolate Cupcake. I thought the cupcakes were fun so I wanted to share.


Flavor of the month Raspberry Lemonade.


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