Perhentian Islands

I was up early to get the bus to the islands. On the bus was a few people I had met through my stay at Taman Negara. Having fellow backpackers helped in the none ac bus ride for 6 hours. It was bumpy but that was to be expected and I sat at the back which didn’t help.

Took a boat for 30 mins to get to the island. I chose the smaller of the 2 islands because it was more backpacker friendly so we were told. The German guy I had defeated at Uno the night before got off at the same stop and we were in search of a room. We found a room to bunk in but it was only available for 1 night and the one we tried just before was fully booked. With limited options, we took it and lucky for us it was right on the beach. The others from the group weren’t so lucky as none of them got beach views. We met up with other people we met on the bus and then they knew people from other stops along their way we ended up with a group of a dozen.

My body just isn’t accustomed to the weather and all the walking. Still not really eating much and tired. I retired to my room early because I was on the side of the island with the sunrise and I was hoping to be up in time. Plus knowing I was only staying 1 night, I wanted to get the most out of the next day.

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