Pen Pal Japan

Right before Christmas I did a pen pal exchange with some of my family and friends. Here is a short explanation of some of the items.

Peppermint Lip Balm- This is in the Japanese girl. I know this is kind of messy. Sorry about that. Small price to pay for handcrafted lip balm. I went with peppermint because it is just a peppermint time of year.

ShiShi/ Shisa- This is the thing that looks like a cross between a lion and a dog on a ball. They are mostly found in Okinawa, a small island in south Japan. On the island there was a big Chinese influence which is why these will be found there compared to mainland Japan where I live. These are thought to guard your home from bad spirits which is why Japanese place these near the entrance of their homes. It is cultural thing and not religious based. This was the last one so you are getting the ONLY set we could find and our favorite.

Dragon- This is a legendary creature in Japan that is based on myths. They are usually associated with water and rain. They do dragon dances and have dragon shrines.  It is a part of their architecture and literature and their culture.

Photos- Those were taken by your one and only! Me. I took them on a road trip across Japan in May. I thought this was a fun way to display them.

Globe Cases (set of 3)- These I found to just be really fricken cool because I love to travel and they represent that.

Olaf- From the movie Frozen. If you haven’t heard the song “Let it Go” you probably don’t live on planet earth. This was for my mom.

Food and Candy- Kit Kats are popular here. I made some cracker snacks. Sent my sister some tea. Matt’s family got mini crabs and corn. We like to keep it random.

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