Packing List for Camino

I leave tomorrow morning for the Camino! I am nervous and excited. Mostly nervous because of the weather forecast. I have typed out a packing list with some photos. Also added a 2 minute vlog.

Backpack weight: 16lb

My starting weight: 166lbs


1-40L Gonex Backpack (with laptop sleeve)

1- Passport/wallet body sling

1- Sleeping Bag

3- Mesh bags

1- Day pack compressed 20L




1- Lenovo Yoga (with power cord)

1- Huawei Mate9 (Phone/Camera/Wallet)

1- Samsung S5 (Music/Audiobooks/GPS)

1- Battery pack

1- Phone Charger

1- Headlamp

1- Earbuds


1- Waterproof jacket XL (fit over backpack) Gore-tex

1-Ball cap

1- Buff

1- Set light gloves

1- Tank top

1- Long sleeve shirt

1- Running sock

2- T shirt

2- Sport bra

3- Wool socks

3- Panties



1- Flip Flop

1- Runners

1- Keen hiking shoe


1-Toothpaste (travel size)

1- Toothbrush

1- Deodorant (travel size)

1-Spray in Conditioner (travel size)

1- Laundry Soap (travel size)

1- Waterproof mascara

1- Lipgloss

1- Purple hair color

1- Tissue pack (travel size)

1- Comb

1- Athletic tape (cut small size)

1- Lavender Massage oil (travel size)

1- Vaseline (travel size)

1- Rejuvenating skin balm (travel size)

1-First aid kit (sew kit, toe nail clippers, band-aids, compeed, hand sanitize)

1- Contact solution (travel size)

1- Contact case

2- Toilet paper (travel size)


2- J.R. Liggett Bar Shampoo

2- Body Glide (Foot)

4- Ear plugs

4- Tampons



1- Waterbottle

6- Rocks

Special shout out to Lori, Donna, Evelyn (I have the BEST cousins!!!) Cathy (my Dallas ‘mom’ who shares my love for bacon) Darlene (my awesome walking partner the last few months) and Matty (the best support system I could EVER ask for). You ROCK!!!!!!


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