Opportunity Knocks

The other day I was talking to my mom and I said “mom what is wrong with me, I have a job, a house, a car, I am healthy but I am not happy with just going to work and paying bills and I am looking for the next thing. I know many people that would love to be in my shoes, why can’t I just appreciate where I am at? Why do I want to find more in life?”

Money can’t buy my happiness I know that. I see money as a tool to live life, not happiness. Don’t get me wrong, I want money but I don’t want to work my whole life “working” for it. I want to figure out a new way of living and using money as a tool for gaining assets. As I explained in my post  The Power of Friends we fear what we don’t know. We let fear hold us back because we are looking for security instead of opportunity. I want opportunity.

My friend Shaun has always been an inspiration to me. He goes places and experience awesome things in life. I always was jealous of him because he was always on the go and never had anything holding him back. He had what I considered to be Freedom. The kind of freedom I wanted. I was talking to him telling him of my plans, how I felt about everything and we shared what inspired us.

I wanted the Freedom that Shaun has. In my mind that is success. I shared with Shaun a video about success. It hit home in that “When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, you will become successful”. You have to realize you “have an opportunity to make a dream become a reality”. My dream is freedom and not defined by money “you won’t be successful until you say I don’t need that money because I have it in here (in me)”. Define success in YOUR life and watch this:

So here I am willing to sacrifice what I am, for what I can become free as Shaun has inspired me. Shaun shared with me Rich Dad, Poor Dad Everyone who reads it will take something different away. It will make you think. Here are some important parts that I feel many people can benefit from, I know I did:

  • “A job is only a short-term solution to a long-term problem. Most people have only one problem in mind, and it’s short term. It’s the bills at the end of the month, the Tar Baby. Money now runs their lives. Or should I say the fear and ignorance about money. So they do as their parents did, get up every day and go work for money. Not having the time to say, `Is there another way?’ Their emotions now control their thinking, not their heads.”
  • The fear of being different prevents most people from seeking new ways to solve their problems.
  • Many great financial problems are caused by going along with the crowd and trying to keep up with the Joneses. Occasionally, we all need to look in the mirror and be true to our inner wisdom rather than our fears.
  • Often in the real world, it’s not the smart that get ahead but the bold.
  • In my personal experience, your financial genius requires both technical knowledge as well as courage. If fear is too strong, the genius is suppressed. In my classes I strongly urge students to learn to take risks, to be bold, to let their genius convert that fear into power and brilliance. It works for some and just terrifies others.
  • Most workers focus on working for pay and benefits that reward them in the short term, but is often disastrous in the long. Instead I recommend to young people to seek work for what they will learn, more than what they will earn. Look down the road at what ; skills they want to acquire before choosing a specific profession and before getting trapped in the “Rat Race.”
  • “The human spirit is very, very, powerful,” he would say. “It knows it can do anything.” By having a lazy mind that says, “I can’t afford it,” a war breaks out inside you. Your spirit is angry, and your lazy mind must defend its lie.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt said it best: “Do what you feel in your heart to be right-for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”
  • Arrogant or critical people are often people with low self-esteem who are afraid of taking risks. You see, if you learn something new, you are then required to make mistakes in order to fully understand what you have learned.
  • If I could leave one single idea with you, it is that idea. Whenever you feel “short” or in “need” of something, give what you want first and it will come back in buckets. That is true for money, a smile, love, friendship.

I couldn’t be more excited and scared all in one. I am so excited to join him, even though we are taking different paths, we are exploring life together. Thanks to Shaun, I am answering the door smiling at the opportunity that awaits.



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