One Chip Theory

I want to share a bit of something that has helped me recently in reaching fitness goals that I think can be applied to other areas when setting goals.

Matt and I started back to the gym. I set the goal to go to the gym 2 hours a day 6 days a week. Now for non gym going people, that is a HUGE task. I know for me it looked like a mountain to climb that was impossible. So I told myself, my goal is 2 hours but all I have to do is workout hard for 15 minutes and the rest of the time I can take it easy.

So here is my ‘one chip’ theory:

I dare you to open a bag of chips and eat just one.

I have yet to go to the gym and workout hard for just 15 minutes, it is usually at least 1 hour. Some days I have spent many more hours at the gym taking spin and yoga classes also. I know that if I ever need to, I can work out hard for my 15 minutes and take it easy. That keeps me going daily and makes going easy.

This can be applied to so many other things in life. If you have goals that seem too big to take on, allow yourself to start small. Set a big goal but allow yourself small steps. Getting started is the hardest part of the battle. Everyone wants the end results but very few want to do the necessary steps to get there.

I challenge you to take your first step towards something you have been putting off using this tactic. I think you will find it is a great way to trick yourself into thinking it is easy and the momentum will carry you forward. So go on…. Take just ONE chip 😉

Goal Life

My goal for this week is to take “before” photos of Matt and I. This has seemed pointless because we didn’t do it from the start of our healthier lifestyle journey and we are already multiple months in. We haven’t met our fitness goal yet and therefore I believe this is motivation for us to keep our momentum going forward. Pictures coming soon…


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