Once in a Blue Moon

Friday night I went to the Blue Moon which is a Hostel in Lafayette. Everyone said I would find like minded people there. So I went. Well…I danced. And danced. And danced. I met some really fun people and had a wonderful night. Once again, probably too much to drink and not enough self control. I ended up sleeping in the passenger seat of my car.


Saturday I ended up hanging out with some people I met at Blue Moon (Larry and Greg) . We watched the Ravens game because one of the guys (Larry) is from Baltimore. He is down here helping his uncle flip a house. Of course he talked me into wearing a jersey (even let me keep the shirt). Who doesn’t like purple (at least that is what I tell myself). I had some gumbo and wine and watched one of the best NFL games I had seen. Maybe it was the game, maybe it was the company, it could have been the wine but whatever it was, it was really good.


Due to the floods, I can’t get to Dale’s where I have access to WiFi. So I went to a coffee shop yesterday and Larry came and kept me company. Afterwards we went to the movie of his choice Les Mis. I had heard of it but it wouldn’t have been a top choice of mine. I am so glad it was a top choice of his. It was so good. I would go see it again right now which is rare for me.

 I know this isn’t how this quote is used but here is to meeting someone:


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