Omar has taught me the meaning of friendship and I would like to define it based upon what he has shown me either in words or actions. I met Omar playing kickball (yes there is adult kickball leagues). Since meeting him he has  been there for me as a friend. Since meeting him, we have both been through some life changes and distance has taken us physically apart. The distance hasn’t changed the way I see our friendship as we offer each other support regularly.


The first time you meet someone, you don’t know their life story, where they are from, or what they have been through. After time you can develop a bond and that bond turns into a friendship. That friendship turns into a pillar of strength. In time the bond strengthens and trust grows.

Events that happen in life are when you find out who is a friend and who isn’t. Those that are true friends are there for you without judgement just respect and support. The test of friendship can be tested and tried but true friends leave an impression in your life forever.
Omar has taught me so much about friendship. I understand you can go through life and make new friends but nothing replaces those friends that make you a better person. These people aren’t just “nice” and see you every once in awhile. Omar is the kind of friend that helps a person discover things that are important to your life. This kind of friendship helps you discover the things that hold you back, it brings attention to details that change your life. They shake your reality and uncover your weaknesses and stay beside you through it all.
I know a friend like this is the most important kind of person I can meet. Omar has helped me take down walls I built up and brought meaning to life in the most important ways through being a friend. Even through the physical distance, it is a friend like Omar that will always find a way to still be there in ways I didn’t know possible.

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