Old World, New Home

I am sitting here writing from one of my most beloved places the last 5 1/2 years, the airport. I love the fact that at the airport you are either going somewhere exciting or almost “home” and a place of so many emotions. Today I am closing out the “living overseas” chapter of my life and “going home”. So many mixed emotions.

Matty and I are relocating back to Texas to settle down for a bit. Although I am sure the travels won’t stop, they will just be “different” 😉

When I moved with Matty abroad, it was like I was living in two worlds. We have always had 2 addresses, 2 currencies, and what feels like two lives. The old. The new. Putting the distance between these worlds was a challenge. However, I quickly learned those who go out of their way to stay in touch or come visit and those who distance themselves from the relationships. Reflecting back, feel like the period away has helped me learn what I want to keep and the things I have outgrown.

Moving abroad there was a huge learning curve. I got lost many times along the way. Building a community of friends was difficult. But I learned it is about pushing through and learning patience to adjust to all of the changes. I now have a global awareness and cultural awareness that I know will change my view of “home”.

To say I have changed is an understatement.

I am headed back to a changed world from which I once knew. Friends/family got married/had babies and people I cared about left this world. I only caught glimpses of the life of those back home through social media and I know things won’t be the same as when I left. I fully expect to go back home and feel lost but just like my life abroad, I expect that to get better with time as well.

Now I will go back to an old-world I once knew, to a new home that I will now explore in a new light.

This is just a glimpse into our last 5 years.

As always, ADVENTURE AWAITS…………….





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