Obstacles are

You know all those moments when nothing seems to be going your way? You wonder when things will get better and you will hear something good for once. I’ve been there plenty. We all have.

How you react in those times will either bring you down or make you stronger. I am going through the job search and I have been disappointed many times. It is hard. I have been rejected for a number of reasons and I have rejected jobs for a number of reasons. The best thing I give myself is belief. Belief in who I am. Belief that things will look up. Belief that the success is dependent on me. I try to remain positive knowing that the job of my dreams is just around the corner and I can’t give up too soon.

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I know that every step I take is one step closer to finding what it is I want to find. Progress. It can be disheartening when the results don’t happen as soon as I had hoped. I know that achievement is a process. It is one step at a time with the eyes on the target/ end goal.¬†When you do end up with your goal, those hard times makes the victory more meaningful. The road blocks along the way aren’t meant to stop you and aren’t a sign for you to quit. Obstacles are a part of the journey that shows you that what you actually want, is worth fighting for.


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