Norway & Friends Along the Way

In May, Matt and I took a few cruises. The first cruise was through Norway. We booked it 2 weeks before we it left. Norway is beautiful by boat. One of my favorite things to do was go out on the deck during sail in and sail offs. The fjords were AMAZING. I highly suggest if you want to go visit Norway, that you do so by boat.

One of the cool parts about our trip is we get into port and see a RC boat that our friend Austin was working on. We sent him a text and next thing you know we are hanging out. This wouldn’t be the last time we got to see Austin on our trip! We also made a new friend on our boat named Henry Hood. A very talented musician which also came out to explore at one of our days in port. You can see the photo of the 4 of us below.

It is extraordinary how fast you get to know people while traveling. You meet people from all over the world with so many different stories and experiences to share. You never know where you will make a new friend. Sitting on a cafe, playing trivia on a boat, walking down the road, or on the beach in Cambodia. The beauty of meeting people while traveling is people don’t question why you are talking to them. Trying to strike up a conversation back home gets met with hesitation and barriers go up with people wondering “why is this person talking to me”. When people know you are in transit, they are much like you and want to share the world that they know. Conversation with perfect strangers is somehow very perfect. There is a sense of comradery  among those who travel. A sense  that we are all in this together and totally out of our element when we hit the road. I am sure many of my friends I met along the way would agree. This is only one of the many reasons I love to travel.

So here is to new friends along the way!!!



Budget tip: be flexible and book last minute during shoulder season (May). We were able to get this week long cruise for $350 per person on NCL.

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