Nobody Said it Would be Easy

Yesterday marked the one year mark of being single. What a crazy year it has been with so much change. It doesn’t seem like I year that is for sure. A lot of changes have been made and a lot of growth has taken place.

I am so thankful for all the love, support and kind words that I have received. With all the kindness and support I have had through the year, I learned to never pass on the opportunity to let someone know what they mean to you. People deserve to know that they bring meaning to you. Life is really short and can end in an instant. It is hard to know what someone is going through. Just letting them know their meaning and how they play a role in your life can make all the difference for them.

I have a few hard dates coming up that in my head I am obsessing over lately because they are coming up fast. It is like this hurdle in front of me that a year ago I thought if I can just get through the next year than things will get easier. So as they get closer I keep wondering how that will change the way I think about thing. I look at it as a barrier or a wall. People say the first year of any major change is the hardest because that is when you are learning to adapt to the change. I hope that I find that to be true.

One thing I know is that I am proud of myself for the way I have dealt with things in life. Sure I have made mistakes but I have learned from my mistakes. Things in life are either an adventure/boring and rewarding/not fulfilling. The choices I have made were a gamble but I was willing to take the risk and I am willing to deal with the outcome. So far, I haven’t let myself down. The risks and rewards are learning experiences that good or bad taught me something about life.

I am willing to take responsibility for how I have acted.I think there are 2 ways to look at responsibility. If you look at responsibility in a negative way, either you blame someone else or yourself, things wont change in your life for the better. When you look at responsibility in a positive way, you can change the way you look at things and make the changes necessary. I know that action takes effort and with effort comes progress.

That reminds me of this:

worth it

I am strong enough to know that I wont let other convince me that I am not worthy of the things I want in life. Growth is limited by your thoughts and you are as capable as you want to be. If you feed into negative views from others you will become what they say you should be. Their fictions becomes your reality. Love yourself enough to stay true to the real you.

Be strong and journey on….

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