No Voice

Yesterday we went out and did a pub crawl for Movember. For those that don’t know, it is responsible for the mustaches you will see over the next month for awareness to men’s health issues.

Today I am paying for it as I have no voice. It kind of puts me in check and reminds me not to take my health for granted. I also know that my current situation of not having a voice is temporary. When you are suddenly faced with an illness you quickly realize the importance of health. There is lots we take for granted such as walking, using our hands, speaking, hearing, the sense of smell and taste and the ability to think clear. You don’t have to wait till an illness creeps up on you, before you start thinking about your health.

So today since I don’t have a voice but let it be known here…. KANSAS STATE!!!!!!! We went to a watch party for the game last night. I was literally falling asleep at the bar so I called it a night and walked back to the house early. I’ve always been a morning person and so going out often is just no longer a part of my regular vocabulary.


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