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As I sit here in my new office of Dunkin’ Donuts, I write to all my lovely followers.

Yesterday was a challenge. I left Washington DC and it was raining and I felt that put a cloud over my day. As you know my debit card went missing. I am running low on cash. This morning I woke up to $80 left in my account (don’t worry, I cashed checks I’ve had some for over a year).

I often wonder to myself as I am driving what I am doing exactly. I am in love with this life but sometimes I feel so different from the rest of the world, so cut off. I know that I must take chances, that I will make mistakes, and I will learn many lessons. It is an uphill battle but the journey I have experienced up to this point has been well worth the climb.

Last night I stayed in the car. Just so you know, it is an adventure but takes some planning. At the coin shop they suggested a few things to me see and one was this huge casino. It was like a mini Vegas in the middle of nowhere. Went to the casino so that way I would have a bathroom and a warm place to go should I need it. I parked in the parking garage so that my car had some wind blockage and would hopefully stay warmer. Plus I figure if I got caught, I could tell them I was waiting on friends to finish up inside.

I made it through New York City. I was trying to explain to the pets that they would be well traveled, they didn’t seem to care. I guess that is the glory in having animals with me. They don’t care where we are as long as we are together.

As I got into New Haven Connecticut, the sky started to clear. I took a gamble when I say a sign that said Lighthouse Lookout Road or something of the sort. I knew I needed to experience something to lift my spirits a bit. So I went down these back roads and what I experienced was exactly what I needed.

Sometimes the road less traveled is exactly where our heart should be.

Journey on….


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