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So today I am headed out. I want to go see fall colors so that’s what I am going to go do. As I was packing everything I owned into my car, I couldn’t believe that my life fits into a little Jeep Liberty. I like simple.

What isn’t simple is leaving. I started this so that I could live my life the way I want to live it. I never thought in such a short amount of time I would be so changed. I came to Louisiana to stay with strangers. People I have only met once but people who will forever stay with me. People that I now consider family. They are a family that genuinely care and are worth keeping in my life.

Those who have lived their dream know that it takes persistence. it is about hope when your heart has had enough and giving more when you think you have none left to give.  It may get harder but the end is worth enduring the journey. It is people like those I have met in Louisiana that remind me about an honest heart and helping others.

I  moved here and they didn’t know me. Yet they opened their lives to me You have to be true to yourself,  don’t expect others to understand what your journey is about because they haven’t walked in your shoes. I can only hope that I touched them in some way to remember our time together. I tried to be real, I tried to be genuine, and I tried to be me. Remember kindness to others doesn’t have to cost you a penny, just time and an open heart. What goes around comes around and my family in Louisiana deserve so much and I can’t thank them enough for their generosity and hospitality.

Here is a picture from my last night here where they made steak and shrimp:

Here is the sunrise from this morning:

One of my new pops fixing my bike rack so I can get on the road

I’ll be back soon Louisiana….Till we meet again, you will be missed.

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