Mountain Biking in Japan

Today we went downhill mountain biking near Mt Fuji. It was so much fun. At first I wasn’t so sure as it seemed steep and I was the only girl in the group. The entire day I only saw one other girl.

We were going down a grassy area at first to get a hang of it going in and out of craters and divots. About my 3rd crater, I went over the handlebars. My bike hit me and I am sure it didn’t look very graceful. Good thing it didn’t hurt too bad or I probably wouldn’t have kept going. Matt took a fall shortly after which raised my confidence because it wasn’t only me.

About 1 hour in, we saw the more advanced group and one of the guys had taken a pretty nice fall and was really beat up. Again reassuring that it wasn’t only me.

In crossing a narrow bridge I psyched myself out and also went over the handlebars. I took the not letting the horse beat me approach and I grabbed my bike, pulled it out of the ditch I was in and started over. Of course I concord and every time after that I had success.

On a run we stopped and took some photos with my phone so I wanted to share pictures of our adventure. I have to say it was a really awesome experience and with Mt. Fuji as a backdrop, it was pretty exciting. Who knew you could have so much fun flying over handlebars?

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