Modern Day Slave

What if Money Was NO Object???????????


I put in at work for time off. My boss asked me to define my “reason” and my actual response vs the response I wanted to give were different. I put down holiday vacation. What I really wanted to say was because I have earned it. It is my life and I have the money and the time off and that is what I want to do.

So it got me thinking. You know in jail they dictate how you spend your time also and tell you when you can or can’t do something? I think of working for a company as modern day slavery and working for someone else I feel like I am in jail. Let me explain:

Time is  YOUR Most Valuable Resource

Our society conditions us to work for those who make money. Companies use their employee’s time to make the company a profit. In working for a company you are paid for the time you spend at the job instantly while the company benefits over the long term.

There are too many variables when working for someone else that can put you in financial jeopardy. What happens if you get a major illness, laid off, or fired? When you find a way to make money work for you, you find financial freedom. I am talking about being self-employed. Those who are self-employed may have to worry about getting sick too but they can expand by hiring others to take on their tasks. When you are self-employed, you can create many streams of income.

Also, when you work for yourself, it isn’t just about the time you work but also the quality of your ideas. I know it is much easier to gain employment vs making your own company a success. For myself at least, working for myself is easier because it doesn’t feel like work because I am building something for myself. Employment is instant but you are a slave by doing everything you are told while making someone else money for the long term.

I know from experience that there is a payoff at first. At first when being self employed there is little money coming in. It can be really hard. Most people aren’t patient enough to make it through those times to make what they are doing successful. Which is why so many people gain employment for someone else. Think about it though, it is better to spend 10 hard years gaining independence than to spend 50 years making someone else rich.

Matt made a valid point the other day. How sad is it that we have things line vine videos that are videos cut to 6 seconds. We are becoming such an short attention spanned society. I am just as guilty because I do lack patience. I do know, building something take time. So I am faced with a choice. Stay employed and be instantly rewarded but be a slave to my life, or make sacrifices now and get independence and something of my own later. I would much rather have the independence because once you have freedom in your career, there is no turning back….

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