Mirror Mirror

I am hanging out at Annie’s before I leave for the holidays. Snuggled on the couch watching the movie ‘Mirror Mirror’. One of my all time favorite actresses Julia Roberts. Anyways, I started this blog looking for inspiration so here are some good quotes from the movie.

“It’s important to know when you’ve been beaten.” -Admitting defeat is often a hard thing to do but it is a very good thing to know.

“There’s, I’m in the same room as a prince crazy, and then there’s good old fashioned plain traditional psycho crazy.” -Love this!

“We didn’t set out seeking for vacation. We set out seeking for an adventure.” – I think we can all use this attitude. It isn’t always about the destination but is more about the journey. If we look at things as an adventure, our time spent will be more enjoyable.

“Everyone has magic within them but very few discover it.” -We all have powers and very few people are in touch with themselves enough to figure out what those powers are.

“You read so many stories where the prince saves the princess. It’s time we changed that ending.” – It isn’t about who saves who, princesses don’t always have to be the damsel in despair. It is about everyone reaching out a hand to help everyone.

“Women always get crazy when her prince is around.” -They sure do no matter how you look at it. Learn it. Deal with it.

“I can feel you smiling.” -If you can feel someone smiling, you have done a great job. This quote warms my heart. It isn’t just that you can see it, when you feel it, it is a whole new level of being in touch with someone else’s happiness.

“Handsome and smart. How confusing.” – Guys! Enough said

“Someone has been taking their confidence pills.” -I can’t wait to use this line.

“She’s the most beautiful woman in the whole world.” -What every mother, daughter, sister, and husband should be saying about the women in their lives.

“Weakness is only a weakness if you think of it that way.” – So so true.

“Love can be so difficult.”  “Love always is.” -Love doesn’t come easy. Nothing good ever does.

“I’m made of more than you think.” -Go you! I hope this is true for every person that reads this.

“You never stopped believing in yourself.” – That is what is important to get through life, never stop believing in you!!!

“I want to die with the one I love.” -What a fairy tale ending this would be, wouldn’t you say?

“I definitely have a happily ever after thing going on…” -This makes me smile. No matter how the story goes, it is never to late to make life a happily ever after.

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