This morning I was cleaning out my car and getting ready for my trip 1/2 way across the US. In doing so, I realized even though my life fits into a jeep, how much stuff I still have and don’t use. When I got back into the house, George and I started talking about being a minimalist.

The biggest benefit I see to becoming a minimalist is this: As a minimalist you  center most of your time and energy around the deepest desires and eliminates that time and energy spent on material items.

I wanted to share this because the holiday is fast approaching. Christmas is a time where many people get caught up in the buying of things and that is an easy thing to do. Years ago, I started minimizing what I have. Fortunately for me my family isn’t big on giving gifts on the holiday. I don’t like the commercialism of giving gifts.

In fact, my personal view is I would rather not give or receive a gift on a holiday at all. In fact over the years I have started buying less and less to give on the holidays. To me, it just shouldn’t be about the obligation to buy people gifts. It feeds into consumerism and most of us already have enough stuff as it is.

My gift has always been the gift of time. You see, I am always the person that goes out of my way to spend time with the people I care about. To me, that is what is important and I’ve learned over the years how truly valuable people are to our lives.

Here’s a thought. For the Holiday what if you gift experiences?

Experiences you could give would be: cooking a meal together, making breakfast in bed for someone, a body massage,  going to a holiday parade, driving around looking at Christmas  lights, watching a sunrise/sunset, drinking hot apple cider. My ALL time favorite gift of experience is going on a trip together making an adventure out of the journey and creating memories of the time spent together.

Though I am not religious this video has a powerful message:





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