I was in Boston and a friend of mine had contacted a friend about letting me stay (couch surfing). He wasn’t able to host me but contacted his friend Mike. Little did Mike know what he was getting himself into…

I arrived at Mike’s for the night and he completely opened his house to me. It was truly a kind gesture and it is these acts that restore my faith in humanity. You can read about the Kindness of a Stranger.

My time in Boston was amazing that Boston made my top 5 favorite US city list. Part of what made my experience there so great was meeting Mike. While I was there, not only did he show me kindness, he made Thanksgiving baskets and invited me to see the truly selfless act, he also adopted a kitten Crowley that I had rescued, giving her a permanent home.

Mike is the kind of person that changes those he comes in contact with in ways he doesn’t even realize. For me, he showed me kindness in a profound way which very few people have ever impacted me. It changed me. I will be forever thankful for the difference he made in the life of me, a complete stranger, now a forever friend.

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