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Today is a day about romance. I have never been one for commercial holidays because of the obligation that seems to come with them. I enjoy spontaneous gestures that happen because of love not a day devoted to it due to society telling us to celebrate romance.

Many would argue it is a day to celebrate and remind of us romance and the importance. You can’t turn on TV or listen to music without being reminded of romance. Romance, Romance, Romance. I am not saying that romance isn’t important because I do think it is a part of love, but a whole day devoted seems over the top. There are more things that are WAY more important to celebrate.

My main point is the commercialization of holidays. I don’t care for the obligatory gift giving aspects of holidays. Call me Scrooge but hey, at least you can save some money because I won’t feel any more important.

Valentine’s Day. . .bah humbug.

Medellin Colombia-1

Time is something you can’t get more of so it means the most when you spend it on someone. So remember: Time is Love

Talking about time and love…..

Yesterday, Shaun and Daniel took me around Medellin. I got Shaun on board with my phone-tography because he is a photographer also. So we had a battle and you can see his photos on his blog Zefer. To me, things like that mean the world. I think they got a kick of seeing my reaction and showing me things more than seeing things themselves.

Another example of a perfect gift given is a shirt Cristina (Shaun’s girlfriend) designed and gave me. It says “Blog This” so of course I had to Blog it! Creative, unexpected and given with love in mind. Love it!

Medellin Colombia-42 Medellin Colombia-43

Tomorrow is another story… Half price chocolates!  Sounds like a celebration to me.

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