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I went to Brent & Becky’s Bulbs where they were having a farmers market. Monica from Wild Rabbit told me about it so of course I was all about going. So glad I did. Brent took me on a tour of the gardens and told me about the soil, the bulbs, the gardens and what was going on. His family started it in the 1940’s. It has always been something he loves doing. he described it about planting the seed of growth and for a person to feel like they are a part of the earth. I went the the farmers market which was like a small art and craft show.

After I went to a CD release party for Sarah and Lindsay at an ice cream shop (music and ice cream, yes please!). The girls were headed to NYC the next day. How cute are they?

When I got home I read a comment that had been posted to yesterday’s blog. It wasn’t a positive comment by any means and was left by a person I don’t even know. At first I was upset and in a bit of shock.

“Wow, stop hiding from reality! You are not looking to inspire people’s dreams, you are running away from being a responsible and productive member of society. Since you don’t fit into a productive mode, you chose to run away and claim to be doing good by others, but the truth is you never interact with life, you just give us your 2 cents worth of observations. You might not know it, since you have psych issues, but you are using people for their generosity and understanding, without giving back in any way. If you continue on this path, you will be broke, both financially and spiritually. Look in the mirror, take a deep breath, and realize that what you are now is utterly nothing! You can change, but you need to seek professional help, because you are obviously running away from any type of responsibility and write about nothing of any substance. Snap out of it, and realize the person you are, is not who you want or need to be. Get a job, stop running away, and realize you have limitations both mentally and spiritually. You can write as long as you want, but you have not said anything of any substance or truth. I predict this will not go well for you if you continue down this pointless path that offers nothing but bits of random information that has no connection to any semblance of a life. You poor soul. Figure it out!!!”

Pretty harsh at first read right? I knew this day would come. Actually, I get questioned a lot but no one had voiced it in this way. So of course my feelings were hurt but once I got past the initial shock and talked to some of my AMAZING friends that I love so much. I have a new respect for the comment which is why I figured I would post it on today’s blog and open it up for anyone that may want to discuss it.

The truth is, we all chose to live our lives different one way or the other. Obviously, great things happen when people think out side the box. Here are a few stories of people that I have heard about that I am sure were told that they wouldn’t be successful in life and overcame their adversity:

  • I am sure people thought Thomas Edison was out of his mind when he wanted to light up a dark room with an invention of a light bulb.
  • Elvis Presley was told “You ain’t goin’ nowhere, son.”
  • We all know Harry Potter right? Well JK Rowlings was a single mother on welfare when she wrote the books at a cafe while the baby was asleep. I am sure someone thought her time was better spent providing for her child.
  • Someone blind and deaf getting a college degree seems impossible for most but not for Helen Keller. Did I mention that she wrote books?
  • Oprah was told she wasn’t fit for TV.
  • Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.

My point being:

  • Life for one may not be suited for the life of someone else.
  • Limitations are something you and only you can decide on.
  • Obstacles can be overcome if you believe in yourself.

It all comes down to you.

YOU decide how you limit yourself to react to adversity in your life and what you can and can’t do.You can go with what other say you can do or you can decide for yourself if you will arise to the challenge to change the doubters to believers. I can either:

  1. Agree and quit
  2. Or prove them wrong

I don’t need everyone to agree with my ideas or what I am doing with life. The person leaving the comment obviously cares enough to voice their opinion because in some way they think that will help out. You have to believe in yourself and dream big to be successful in life. That is how  I will always have the people that support me and agree but I also value those that don’t as fuel for my fire.

When we make decisions to fit in even if we don’t agree with things, we bury a part of who we are and we are denying the truth in ourselves. Why do you think depression is such a big issue? People are confused in life. Momentary gratification in fitting into society can have a profound consequence on a person leaving them empty. I have found the more I express who I really am, the easier it becomes. It is important that you love yourself. Right now, I love who I am.

I am far from perfection but I have so much to offer. I know ultimately know that I am in charge of my life. You can doubt me, you can hate me, but sometimes the doubters are the inspiration needed to keep going. Journey On!!!



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