Living the Dream Life

The cat is out of the bag and I am moving. I have called Dallas my home for 7 years. I have decided it is time to move on and to start a new adventure. I am putting this down so: 1) People can see what I am about to try 2) I can come back to this someday and see how far I have come.

So here goes:

I am selling most personal belongings and starting a business. The focus is to inspire people to live their dreams. Not only am I going to preach that, I am going to do that. Let me explain my idea…I want to live my dream by meeting people and experiencing life by crossing things off a bucket list that will always be changing. I no longer want many material possessions. I want to create things that inspire people to live their dreams. I will sell things that encourage others to be inspired. The money I will make will go to a “Pay it Forward” fund.

Let me give you an example:

Say I am selling photos I took (something I love to do). This is where you come in… You buy a photo for your office or house which contains something inspirational or has meaning to your life… In the meantime, I am working towards living my life and crossing things off my bucket list. One example is, I have always dreamed of becoming good at snowboarding. So, I get a job working at a ski resort to cover my expenses.  During my experience, I will be looking for people that inspire me in some way. I will forgo many material possessions to use that money from selling photos to help inspire someone else to live their dream. Paying it forward.

I will blog about my experiences regularly (photos included) to inspire my readers. I will travel all over, doing as much as I can, with my goal being inspiring as many people as I can (including myself).

I have created a page on my blog called “Bucket List”. This is my list of things I personally want to experience and goals I want to reach. It will change all the time as I go through this journey and cross things off. I am starting with a small list because I want to always add to it but never take things away. It is a journey of lifetime. After all, I only have one.

I know to some this sounds crazy, other find it inspiring; I call it living MY dream life.


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