Life in Maryland

So here I am…hanging in Maryland. It is a bit cold which is not to my liking. Today we took it easy. Matt and I spent a large part of the morning talking about life and the fun things in life. It was great conversations and great company. It was really great and made me feel really close to him.

We went to town for lunch and stopped for some wine and chese on the way back. When we got back to the house I had to get ready for an interview. I did my research and got it set up. These days so many companies use the phone and skype to start with. I learned so much about the position and I was very impressed. I wanted to share with you a trailer from the company that I think some of you will appreciate.

So life in Maryland right now is going really good. His family is great and things are going good. Tomorrow is a big day and I am so excited. Life is good.

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