Life in Chaos

Some would say I am a Type A personality: organized, structured, on top of things. Yet somehow I live in the complete opposite in the untamed, wild, and unknown. What I will refer to as ‘chaos’.

I returned to my temporary home Monday after being gone 5 weeks. Only to compose an abstract for a panel I am a part of for my academics. I also had to organize and plan missing parts for my upcoming trip. I had to unpack my life only to pack it back up again. Today I got an e-mail stating our flights were canceled for Saturday. This means instead of being out of our apartment Saturday that we will be out Friday and off on an another adventure.

For my life, chaos is inevitable. Even with the organization I try to compose the order gets disrupted. Order and chaos are complementary of each other. Chaos makes me realize that I need order. Chaos is everywhere and it represents a transitioning phase.

In my life, I always seem to have a never ending list of work to be done to bring order to my life. Some of it is self imposed of course. As a week passes, another page in the agenda is turned and things crossed off the list yet many more added. I have embraced that there will never be an end to my list and I like it that way. There is a reason people make their bed in the mornings. They have accepted the fact that the bed will soon turn into a disarray of pillows and blankets. Yet, they return in the morning to put it back to the orderly state. Order and chaos go hand in hand. I will continue in my chaos and attempt some order with acceptance that what I put together will soon be unraveled.

“Without order, nothing can exist. Without chaos, nothing can evolve”. -Oscar Wilde

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