Lies and Excuses You Tell Yourself

Basically, excuses are just lies that we tell ourselves as we try to evade unpleasant realities. We often convince ourselves that these lies and excuses are valid but as long as we give in to them, we can never escape the grasps of denial. Instead of facing reality, we run away from it and that is not the right way to live. We cannot just simply escape our lives thinking that our challenges will just go away on its own. We have to get past these lies and excuses and fearlessly confront our issues.


To overcome these lies and excuses, we must first be able to identify them. They are very easy to say and they just roll off our tongues easily most of the time that we think they are harmless. However, what we do not see is that in the bigger picture, they can be detrimental to us.


I can’t do it! We are our most influential motivators but we can also give ourselves the biggest discouragements. We will always encounter challenges that can hinder us from reaching our goals and our success is defined by how we overcome these hindrances. What do all successful people have in common? They have all encountered people and circumstances that made them question their capacity and they were able to rise above it all. There are times that you will lose confidence in yourself. When you do, remind yourself to never give up. Even if your progress is slow, keep holding on. Remember, who won the race? Was it the slow but persistent turtle or was it the fast but impatient rabbit?


Life is meant to always be enjoyed. It’s true, we only have one life to live so we must make the most out of it but it does not give us the excuse to run down our lives into pieces by going about it recklessly. Our goal is to live a balanced life and not one that is all fun and games. Too often we get caught up doing things that make us temporarily happy and we end up giving the things that actually matter less priority. It’s easy to get blinded most especially if fun is the bait but it is wise to evaluate our choices carefully. If you believe that life is a party, try to think twice about it. When the party is over, what is left? A giant mess. You don’t want that to happen with your life.


I can just do it later. Procrastination is the number one enemy of success. When we procrastinate, it’s the same thing as delaying our success for another day. Focus and determination are important characteristics that we need to cultivate if we want to achieve our goals in life. We can start small by starting with our day to day living. We can try staying focused on our day and accomplishing all our tasks for that given day. If we can continue doing this for weeks and months, we can eventually kick procrastination out of our lives.


It’s too late. You might have heard this a million times but it is never too late! As long as you are still breathing and as long as your heart keeps beating inside your chest, you can still make changes in your life. You might have made mistakes in your past but that is why we are blessed with the present. That’s why it is called the “present” because it is a present for us to have the opportunity to make things right. We might not be able to undo some things but we can always learn and try to do better. That’s the beautiful thing about life. It gives us unlimited chances to change. It’s only up to us if we make that choice.

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