Leaving Perhentian Island

I woke up to a beautiful sunrise over the beach. The place I found to stay was right on the beach. Hard to believe I got such a view for only $10USD. I only packed 4 outfits so I had to have laundry done. It is also cheap at $1. I know I will have to buy a few more outfits at some point but with the walking and pack I didn’t know what to expect but I know buying new clothes would be cheap so no point in packing a lot of things I didn’t need. I bought good shoes so that was important.

My body fights with me. I don’t have much of an appetite which is strange for as much walking that I do.  I only hope that it gets better because it doesn’t leave me with much energy.

I rode a bus to get to the Thailand boarder. That was the scariest moment of my trip up to this point. There is a lot going on in Thailand and some people even suggest not going. Others said they went and it was fine. So I decided to take the risk. This goes back to fear that I talk about so much. Sometimes fear keeps us from living.

When I got across the boarder the police stopped me. There was 3 of them so I was very intimidated and only one of them spoke English. I refused to talk and they asked me to go with them. I asked if I had to and they said no but said they wanted to help. It took me a bit to calm my nerves. Once I did I started questioning them and when I realized they did intend to help, I felt more relaxed. I went with them to the station which was also the bus station.

I am glad that I ended up going with them. They took me to exchange money and got me food and helped me get my bus ticket. They even charged my phone for me. It was a very positive exchange and they got me on the bus and told the attendant to take care of me. They are tourist police and their job is to make sure tourist have what they need when crossing the boarder. This was the first time I had encountered anything like this. Just have to go with your gut. I would definitely suggest for anyone crossing into Thailand just find the tourist police. They are there to serve you. They also told me should I have any trouble in Thailand to call them.

On a more fun note. I found out my past roommate from Dallas is meeting me in Vietnam in 2 weeks! I have a backpacking buddy on the way. Due date June 26th.

Food $4

Travel $25

Total $29

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