Learning to Learn

Since I have started on this new journey, I have been trying to figure it all out. One of the biggest things is how I will make an income. I sold most of what I owned so right now I have some money in the bank but it wont last long. As with anything when you first start out there is a learning curve. One thing I have never lacked in is my motivation to learn. I have always said I don’t know much about anything but I know a little about a lot of things. Does that make sense?

There are so many methods of learning. What most people hold to the highest level of learning is a formal education. I got my MBA back in 2010 which is probably the highest level of formal education I will go. The next thing that is looked at is experience. Life experience can teach you a lot. If I don’t know something, I learn about it. There are other ways such as reading about it, watching someone else do it and problem solving by just thinking about the subject matter.

Everyone has a different way in which they like to learn. No matter the form that works for you, YOU are responsible for your education. There is no magic formula because everyone has different learning styles. No matter what, when you open up your mind to learn something, you are giving yourself the ability to do anything you want.

What I have learned is that every person I meet knows something more than I do. In that way, we can learn something from anyone we meet. It is a matter of opening our mind to see the value in the knowledge others hold. Learning to learn is important.

To learn you must research the best way to go about learning. It is important that you define a goal in learning and track your progress. Then find resources. With the use of the internet with sites such as Google and YouTube, resources areĀ abundantĀ about most subjects.

  • Books
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Websites
  • Magizines

It isn’t just enough to learn about something. You must be able to effectively put what you learn into action. In order to learn new things you have to change your way about learning. In today’s society learning is no longer limited in resources but instead it is limited by your willingness to learn. The best thing you can realize is that you are your best educator. What do you want to learn?


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