Kyoto Japan

Kyoto was an obvious choice to make a stop. It was only about 1 hour from where we camped. We got to town early and decided to see the Fushimi Inari Shrine since it was the only thing open at that time. It has thousands of torii gates that are orange that line the path of the trails.

Next we went to Kinkaku-Ji which is called the “Golden Pavilion”. Parking was a nightmare and I thought Matt was about to turn the van around and head home. This was after of course he had a minor accident on a VERY narrow road scraping up the side of the van. It was worth the wait as it was really pretty. We didn’t spend much time at the shrine because it was so busy and not really much of our thing.

Next I wanted to find the bamboo forest I had read about and a monkey park. That was a fail. I did come across a few more random shrines that I took photos of but have no idea what they are.

We ended our day by driving a few hours to another camp ground. This time someone was working but again no one was camping. We made a trip to find firewood which ended up costing $40 and in the end wouldn’t even burn. It was super cold over night but Matt is like a personal space heater for me.


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