I am writing this on the bus to Bangkok. Of course I will have to type this later because all i have is a notebook.

Today I woke up to a downpour. I was going to try to go out to the island but the rain kept me in. This gave me the chance to book Matt’s ticket to Indonesia. I miss him dearly and doing this without him is hard. It gives me some peace to know that soon I will be meeting him at one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Once the rain let up I went for lunch and hired a long tail boat in the bay to some caves. I hiked through the caves and they had some ropes and stairs that allowed me to do some climbing around. I was the only person so I was a bit worried about hurting myself but I figured if I didn’t show back up to my boat in a reasonable amount of time the guy driving would come looking.

As I sit on this bus there is an awful stench. It isn’t me but the guy across from me. Anytime he moves the smells linger towards me. Everyone here has a bit of an odor. I have learned that is part of the territory and I have made good friends with baby powder. My hair constantly looks greasy so I have just defaulted to keeping it in a braid at all times. I guess this is one of the many joys of using public transport. I just hope the smell doesn’t keep me up through the night… Yes it is THAT bad.

Transportation $30

Food $7

Entertainment (boat ride) $2

Total $39

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