Kiss Cam

Yesterday Matt took me to Baltimore to go to an  Orioles baseball game.

On the way in I was telling Matt if we made the kiss cam I was going to kiss the person next to me that wasn’t him. I just wanted him to be ready if such an event did take place.


We get to our seat and Matt wants to go get a picture and the guy next to us suggests we go down closer to the field. So we did


In the mean time, I think Matt was worried he wouldn’t get a kiss so I made sure to give him one so that he wouldn’t feel neglected.


So the kiss cam comes on and I keep talking about getting on it. I even warn the old man sitting on my other side that if it comes on us I am going for him and not Matt.


We are watching and I see us on the cam. My first time EVER! I see the old man next to me hands waving and the couple right in front of us being the focus but I see my face on it so I turn to Matt and nothing…. he sees himself and gets excited but never turned. Before he figured it out we were gone, off the screen, my dreams to kiss on the kiss cam crushed.


After the game I went and met some of Matt’s friends and tell them the story of the kiss cam.


I fully expect him to make it up to me someday!!

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