Kindness of a Stranger

After I left my office I hit the road. Went through Rhode Island and I am in love with the city of Newport. There is so much going for it. It is very charismatic. There are mansions, farms, beaches, quaint buildings, boats, etc… It is a city I highly suggest to anyone. I headed into Massachusetts and explored the Cape Cod area. I saw the biggest waves I’ve ever seen. I also learned I have a thing for bridges and lighthouses. I made it up to Boston for the night.

Last night I had a warm bed and a shower thanks to a stranger. My friend Jennifer in Florida made connections with people up here in the north and found me a place to stay. Mike was a friend of a friend and was very welcoming to us. Every day I am amazed at the generosity of people. One thing that is loud and clear since I started my journey is that kindness comes back around. You never know how a kind act can change someone’s day or even entire life. Kindness is an amazing way of living.

I am reminded that each day is a part of my journey and kindness fuels it. It is a part of me to take chances on people I don’t know and for them to do the same for me. If something happens in the process at least you can say you lived life and not a life of fear. To me, the only time you run our of chances is when you stop taking them. So take a chance today and be kind to strangers, you never know the change you will be in their life.

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