Khao Yai National Park

It was a long day on the bus. Almost 24 hours total travel time. I went on 4 buses, 1 motorcycle, 1 tuk tuk, 1 truck bus, 1 bed of a truck. The truck bus is litterally a pickup bus with benches put in the back and turned into a bus. The park is too big without having a car and public transportation doesn’t really existhough this is touristy, the people that come here obviously live in the country because there is no real way to get around. It was 14km to the information center so the lady asked a guy driving a truck if I could get a ride. She spoke little English but understood what I needed. it rained as we buzzed around the park and I was in the bed of the truck but what could I do? It was getting late and I couldn’t find anyone to help point me in the right direction. I did get a guide book that someone left on the bus but it is in Spanish. I think the bus attendant just assumed it was English.

I made it to the information center and got a room. $24 later. That is EXPENSIVE here. All of this is far outside of my comfort zone. It is very lonely not being able to communicate. This is the not so glamorous part of backpacking that not many people see unless you are actually out on the road doing it.

The hardest part is being in love and feeling like the other half of you can’t be reached to rely on. It is when I have the amazing times and the really shitty moments that I question what I am doing because all I want is to be in the comfort of Matt’s arms. When I have my really good moments it is conflicting¬†because I don’t have my better half to share in the excitement.

I just want a reassuring voice to tell me it is ok. I tell myself but it I don’t find much comfort in that. Instead I will be falling asleep to the sound of rain knowing that tomorrow will be another hard day because I have to find my way back. Tomorrow I need to hold it together long enough to give the day a chance. I already feel defeated and I am just trying to find strength.

Food $6

Lodging $24

Transportation $20

Other (Bank fee) $5

Total $55

At this point I am $165 over my $30 a day budget.

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