Journey On

My sister and I went on a weekend trip to Louisiana. Originally, I was going alone but I decided to buy her a ticket and see how I explore life. The trip was planned well before I ever decided to hit the road but it came at an amazing time. It inspired me and let me know that the journey I am about to embark on, is exactly where I should be.

I will explain more about our trip in another post. For now my thoughts are this:

So many people wonder why I want to experience as much as I can in life so I wanted to explain my thoughts and hopefully inspire others to live their life in the way they dream. It is simple to me because I only have one life. I will continue to fall down in life, this doesn’t mean failure, just means I am that much closer to success. In every time I have fallen, I have learn, grown and become more alive.

No one in life can dictate the life you are supposed to live. So I am living life for me. I am shedding the desire to be what I should be in others eyes and I am going to live life for me. I have learned that no matter what, you will probably never get the approval of everyone so why let other opinions hold me back? Everyone has a journey in life and no two are the same. I am set out on a journey to live my life to the fullest.

For the weekend we rented a car from Hertz Car Rental and I couldn’t say it better:



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