Jonesborough Tennessee

Today I decided to visit Jonesborough the oldest town in Tennessee and also the storytelling capital of the  world. This town is back in the days of Daniel Boone, Andrew Jackson, and David Crockett. You will soon see why I fell in love:

At the Storytelling Hall there was a wall with amazing Quotes:

The story that lets us laugh and cry begins our healing- Tom Weakley

Storytelling can change a room, it can change lives, it can change the world- Gwenda Ledbetter

Stories simultaneously celebrate what is unique about us and provide bridges to what is common among us- The Story Weavers

It is hard to hate anyone whose story you know-Roslyn Bresnick-Perry


One of my favorite stops was the General Store where I met Joe Bush (store owner). They had just redone it and it looks amazing. You can walk through the store over and over and find new cool things to look at.

While I was in the general store, Joe shared with me a trick or treat event that was taking place. So I hung around to see it. It was fun with people being dressed up, very festive, games, candy, lots of smiles and it made the town that much beautiful to me.

I am amazed at my life. So blessed. People I talk to wonder why I am doing this but if I fall I will never have to wonder because I am giving my dreams my best shot. My heart is on fire. I will try what I want to try, go where I want to go and I will follow my dreams. I feel like this is something greater than myself.

For my readers: Be who you are and follow your heart. Do what makes you happy and do the things that make you smile. Help those you can and love as long as you live. Appreciate everything you have. Laugh.


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