Japanese Class

Today I started my class in Japanese. It is going to be a challenge for sure!

learning japanese


Today we got our drivers license and our apartment. We move tomorrow but we have no furniture. HA! We will buy a car tomorrow so we will finally have transportation. We actually bought bikes, took them out into the city and my bike tire bulged. So I had to walk it back a few miles and return it. Matt tried to talk me into getting another one on base but I decided I was going to buy a Japanese bike from off base instead. They look different and I can’t wait to pick one out.

Matt has to commute to the Navy base tomorrow which is 2 hours on a train one way. It is only about 40 miles but takes 3 hours average to drive. I might go with him depending on what we need to get done. We will be living about 5 minutes walk from a train station and about 20 minute walk to Yokota Airforce Base. All of our neighbors will be Japanese so we are jumping right in to the culture.

We won’t have internet till Friday so don’t be surprised if I don’t post for a few days. However, the next time I post, I should have some fun photos to share.

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