It’s Like Santa for Your Vagina


Warning: this blog contains more vagina than most people can take. If you are moving forward in reading this, please, put on your red badge of courage. Lets do this Camp Gyno style. 

This is another one of those viral videos, only this time for the vagina. There is no making fun of that time of the month, only the facts. All females have gone through this and will find this to be liberating (or maybe embarrassing). You might relate remembering the first time starting your period and the learning involved. I am sure there are some of you who learned about tampons at camp 😉 No matter how, it was a curse and many of us hate when “Aunt Flo” visits. But… it is reality and why not make the most of it?

Enjoy, this is a good one!

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hello flo

“For these campers, I was their Joan of Arc. It’s like, I’m Joan and their vag is the arc.”

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